Air Borne Traffic Fumes & Output Make Dirty Houses

We all need to really think about the environment a lot more than we do.  There are currently lots of youth inspired rallies and protests demanding the government ‘do’ something to reduce the damage we do to our little bit of the planet.  Sadly it’s not something that can be achieved overnight.  After years of forming bad habits, it’s hard to change.  There are millions of diesel cars on the road every day;  thousands of buses and taxis.  Worst of all are lorries.  These all contribute massively to the mess in the atmosphere and this in turn drifts down to our floor levels.  In high congestion areas this is a real problem.  Not only affecting the breathing of many folk, but also ruining buildings and internal fabrics.  But we can’t just stop driving cars without making good alternative methods of transport easily available.  So grubby buildings and carpets for a little bit longer chaps.