Amazing How Effective Stiff Handbrush & Narrow Paintbrush Can Be

The stairs are a tricky area for most older folk to clean.   Being less mobile and unable to carry heavy objects, balancing the vacuum cleaner in one hand and stop it falling down the stairs is an art in itself.  Then if you don’t have cordless – so most older folk then – it can be awkward manhandling it whilst you swap the plug from the hallway socket up to the landing one!   I have found quite honestly that by taking a very stiff hand brush and a narrow bristled paint brush, I can get my stairway very clean with a fraction of the effort.   The hand brush can be relied upon to really give the treads and uprights a really invigorating go over, especially in the crease.   Surprising how much dust and debris can be brushed up that way.  The paint brush cleans between the hand bannister and the stairwell.  It’s usually too tight to get a vac nozzle down.  I also use this brush between the spokes of the bannister going up the stairs and along the landing – and around the back of the loo and down amongst the fixings.    Clean in a whisker and so little effort.  The only better way – my real favourite, is to engage a professional carpet cleaning company every year to get them super clean and dandy!