Developing a Good Cleaning Schedule

When you are responsible for keeping a home clean, it is important that you get into a good routine, for both hygiene reasons and to ensure you don’t get stacked up with chores to do!  We have a good guide as to how often different rooms and things should be cleaned, as well as a basic schedule for you to try!

Daily Cleaning Tasks:

Bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned daily – disinfect counters, chopping board and sweep the floor.  Wipe over the hob and inside microwave to keep everything clean.

Laundry:  Try to do a small wash every day rather than piling it all up for the weekend

Make the beds!  This makes a room look much tidier!

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

Hoover throughout the home.  You can split this over different days instead of doing it all in one day!

Thorough bathroom and kitchen clean – really clean everywhere in these rooms for good hygiene

Lounge clean – pick up random stuff and put away, hoover carpets and mop floors

Clean stairs

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

Check if curtains need a clean (once a year should be enough)

Defrost freezer and throw out any bad food