Expert Post Party Clean Up Is Absolutely Priceless

Party season can be quite busy in a household with several generations in it.  I know one family where the youngest is 5 and the eldest is 95 years old – and they all share one massive great house.  The intermediate generations are gregarious and seriously outgoing folk.  A touch of celebrity about them comes from one grand-daughter who married a guitarist in a minor rock band – which helps maintain the family tradition of being party people.

I have been tere when they’ve celebrated big anniversaries, small baby ones, massive summer holiday picnic parties etc. etc.  They have carpets throughout the lower floors too.  They also have a fantastic household help and separate cleaning lady who between them keep the wheels firmly on the wagon. The 6 monthly special ‘bottoming out’ is done by an external agency of long standing.  They have expertise in cleaning carpets and funishings to a fabulously high degree. And keeping this family partying is priceless!