Experts In Damage Limitation & Super Clean Carpets

Far more dreadful things happen to my household carpets than I should really own up to.  There are the instances where the children managed to sneak next door’s rabbit hutch in through the french doors to the dining room; that little episode ended rather badly – with more currants of rabbit pooh than any of us thought possible.  The situation was not helped when the cat decided he didn’t like the look of the rabbit.  Fur of all sorts and squeals galore were the order of the day.

Since that I have come home to find the older children holding an impromptu and definitely not permitted indoor picnic party to celebrate someone or other’s birthday – the first tin of cola over the floor was mopped up quite effectively, subsequent ones not, nor was the food scraped off too well.   The answer here was a weekend visit by the best professional carpet cleaners known to mankind – heaven sent magic!