Get The Carpets Cleaned Before The Decorators Start

I was thinking about starting my decorating programme and realised that I was a bit limited in how much i could reall do myself.  I know of course, how to rub down paintwork, woodwork and doors.  I have the materials in my garage to do all this, but my stability on a ladder is not as good as it should be and a slip last year has dented my confidence in doing even simple things if it involves anything higher than a step stool.  This is a shame because otherwise I am quite capable.  I can’t really do half the job, i.e. do all the levels to which I can reach without climbing.  So I’ve decided to invest in having a company come and do the redecoration work.  I will beforehand though, have a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with years of build up in my gorgeous honey coloured woolen carpet.