Getting The Autumn & Winter Clearance Sorted

Well what happened to the summer then – there we all were lazing around, having a great time away on a sunny beach or in the country, renting a lusciously romantic cottage.  The days seemed endless and the wonderful sunny weather brought much need cheerfulness all around.  Cleaning up and sorting out the house or the office in better weather just seems that bit more fun doesn’t it.  The windows trown open and curtains down for a good wash and air on the line.  Window blinds are brushed off to within an inch of their lives and generally it all feels much easier to manage in good warm weather.

When autumn takes over from summer, in radiness for winter, this is a good time to clear out cupboards that do not get much attention through the rest of the year – get in there and lug out all that junk from the back of the corner cupboard in the utility room.