How to Clean Stairs Well (And Safely)

Cleaning the stairs is an important task in your cleaning routine, as the stairs tend to be a high traffic area of the house.  It is easy for dirt to get trodden in and it can make your carpet look awful.  Here are our top tips for brand spanking new looking stairs!

  1. Begin by dusting the skirting board and down the bannister to get any muck out.
  2. Wipe boards and bannister with a damp cloth and some cleaning solution (or use lemon juice) to make them really shine!
  3. Begin hoovering at the top of the stairs and work your way down.  This way, dirt moves down with you, rather than being trodden in as you go up!
  4. Use the smaller nozzles on your vacuum cleaner to get into the edges.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the vertical tread of the stairs too!
  6. Go over the same step in several directions to get the most dirt up.

Relax and admire your newly clean stairway!