Keeping Family Busy & Very Clean

A small family lives near me – the mum is a bright cheerful young woman, usually with one child firmly attached to her right hip and the other child hurtling around on a new on trend scooter.  The mum works unsocial part time hours, evening and weekend shifts some drive away.   The dad of the family goes out unbelievably early to commute into the City and he gets home 13 hours later, tired, but always in time to bath the little ones.  The predictability of this routine brings comfort to them all.  One thing I found very reassuring when chatting over the fence, is their organisation to make sure they still have very good quality family time.    Before they started their family, the couple talked and agreed that a cleaning company would be employed to do this essential but exhausting and time sapping task.  What a brilliant switched on approach to family life!