Life Lessons Gleaned From Lockdown

There has certainly been a change in the way we have lived en famille these last few weeks.   Families with children having to practice patience and tolerance swith each other when youngsters start driving them up the wall with the bickering and arguments.  Another feature is learning to keep the house cleaner.  We’ve had such a massive shock with the virus – it’s imperative for everyone to wash hands far more than we used to.  Keeping the house fresher and germ free is also necessary.  Teaching children to pick things up after themselves and put toys away at regular intervals is proving a really worthwhile lesson for some usually busy working mums.  It is easier to always go round and clear up after the children – we all do it – but this is a bad habit and the children do not gain, they in fact grow up to be selfish, self centred young adults who are ill equipped to look after their own place – assuming they ever get to move out!