Lovable Hounds But Cleaning Nightmare

There hae been some truly amazing things happen in this house in the several years I’ve owned it.   Children causing the odd food based issue and maybe the odd toileting mishap.  Each of these were dealt with by way of swift bowl of warm cleaning solution and scrubbing brush.  The same can be said for the many calamaties occuring when my partner used to take apart car engines in the integral garage and forget to leave the messy bits on the bench when he came in for a cuppa!  The latest and interestingly, hardest to deal with, has been the mess when I’ve been pet minding for my son.  Two great hounds and hey the house is filled with hair and the most incredible amount of mud.  But I have a wonderful relationship with the best cleaning company in the world and they get the mess removed and condition my carpets, furniture and humour for a very reasonable fee!