Mud, Fur, Excited Pooch – A Carpet Nightmare

Ho ho what a joy this warmer weather is turning out to be.  Only 3 days into a total improvement on recent weeks but of such magnitude that it’s almost worth making a song and dance of it!  A relative has got two dogs.  One is a tall but neatly slim labrador and the other is a shorter and compact border collie.  They’re literally fit as a butcher’s dog – pun intended.    They form the fast half of a quartet of flyball participants and go training every Saturday and Tuesday eve.  So great dollops of wet mud and muck come trailling into the car, hallway, lounge . . . . . . .   It is amazing though how much muck comes off the dogs just sitting on their rough blankets in the dog compartment of the huge family car.  When they get home, it’s all hands on trying to get them into the house without shedding any mess.  A professional carpet cleaning exercise ensues every month.