Paws for Thoughts On Mud Limitation

In the midst of a wet and very dirty winter, there are things that make someone with a light honey coloured carpet shrink away from.   Offering temporary homes for a couple of much loved dogs is definitely top of the list.  I guess if there were some small children involved, they might count too.  However the dogs are primary source of concern.    When you consider that each has 4 paws . . .  and when faced with a wet grassy walk, these take on the mud capturing capacity of 8 paws each.  Two dogs mean the equivalent of 16 mucky paws coming in at once!  Having the dogs over in winter is rare so I’ve not grasped  the organisation needed for an influx of such mess.  But I’m an expert now.  The under used door into my utility room is called into action;  the floor cleared and my trusty moisture capturing camping towels laid on the floor and over the line of white goods . . .  I’m also quicker at grasping the wrigglers as they enter.  And the words ‘Paws – Towel … seem to encourage their own discipline!