Pets Bring Pests Into The Carpet Equation

The problem with having a pet or two is the matter of floor coverings.  I always think it’s a problem when you have a carpet first and then the dog. . . .   You don’t want to take up a good carpet and go to the expense of hard wood or laminate flooring, but on the other hand, that loving pooch wants to slober all over  you, he’ll go out in the garden and bring in all sorts of unmentionable horrors like dog debris, mud, leaves and insects that cling on to their fur.   There are some really good vacuum cleaners on the market that handle dog hair.  You have to look for one that specifically highlights their ability to handle animal hair.  The beauty of a hard floor is that you can sweep up the loose debris first and then mop around with any number of proprietary cleaning solutions.  There can be a problem with fleas and ticks and these are slightly worse when the flooring is carpet.  The eggs tend to accumulate under furniture and in cracks.  The only way to rid the carpet is to have professional cleaning service to not only clean but to debug and sanitise.  It’s worth every penny and will leae the carpet or floor very clean, very comfortable, and smelling really nice.