Professional Cleaner Erases Poochie Paw Prints

We really are dealing with the most challenging of weathers this year.  Firstly the winter was seriously cold, damp and eventually snowy.  This lasted right up through March and into April.   In fact it was the first icy Good Friday I remember for many years.  This found us needing much more cleaning and scrubbing out than usual for the festivities – after all, who wants family guests milling around knee deep in wet grubby floors!  I was cheesed off with the amount of mucky debris left behind after caring for a relative’s dogs just before Easter.  I decided to engage a professional cleaner – she was marvellous, had that busy manner about her and a very good method for cleaning the whole house and doing what my grandmother used to refer to ‘a good bottoming out’.  Now that we’ve had this unusually hot summer, have retained her services and I feel so much happier with my lot.