Professional Cleaning Expert N When Winter Slush Arrives

All throughout the spring and summer months we rarely think about snow, ice, slushy dirty stuff that’s left around after the first hard snow of the winter months.  Once the initial excitement has disappeared, the snowmen lean lopsidedly in the middle of a green and white patchy lawn, the slush ends up on boots, in boots, on cats, dogs, small children, and eventually in the house.  It’s incredible just how far this mucky stuff managed to spread.  The use of industrial granulated salt is critical to get driving or walking without slipping on the ice, but as that melts away, it all ends up really filthy and black.  Trying to get that out of a cream or honey coloured hall carpet i s no joke.  I have found the best method is to engage a dedicated carpet and home cleaning agency – it has revolutionised my entire being, such efficiency for so little outlay!