Retaining Beautiful Honey Coloured Carpet

My pretty honey coloured carpet was provided by the builders as part of the buyer incentive scheme.  I can remember a work colleague distainfully dismissing the offer of an upgrade from 30 oz to 50 oz as just a sales gimmick.  Well I have news for him.  It was a really good offer and one that I’ve never regretted taking up.  Even after 18 years, the carpets still feel luxuriously soft and warm when I skip about barefoot and they clean up beautifully.   I’ve found that my emergency clean up routine has helped matters.  Firstly with spilt liquid, I mop up immediately.  I have sponge & e-cloths.  Paper towels also help.  Once the main liquid is up, I use a small bowl with strong carpet cleaning solution.  Using a small brush I work from the outside in towards the epicentre – gentle but firm circular motion and regular rinsing the brush under clean water, shaking that out before applying more solution and continuing until as much has been removed as possible.  Blotting the area with fresh towels, finally brush the nap in right direction and then leave dry naturally before vacuuming.