Ridding Bathrooms Of Nasty Black Mould

There can sometimes be a problem with having centrally heated homes – not with the fact we’re toasty warm from the moment we wake up to the moment we get back to bed.   Or that we no longer have the delights of Jack Frost leaving his mysteriously silent trail of evidence by way of icicles hanging down the window paines from overhead lintels and low gutters.   In fact, it’s probably rare to have a problem with burst pipes these days – modern houses with heating systems need to have constant water available and the pipes insulated fitted round them nowadays and the warmth of the heating in the house keeps them from freezing – as a rule.   No, the prolem with this luxury is that no one likes opening windows to let in any fresh air!  The bathrooms and ensuites still need a constant throughput of fresh air to get rid of mouldy build up.  Black spores get into the edges of tiling and around the mirrors, basins etc. where condensation has built up and simply turns mouldy.  This can be addressed by using a solution of slightly diluted bleach and a cotton bud.  Or, there is a professional spray on the market specifically designed to be applied to the patches, left on per instruction and then rinsed off.