Specialists Needed When Heat Attract Vermin

There have been reports in newspapers about the rise in rat populations around the country – pointing out that the lack of bin emptying by councils is directly to blame for this unpleasant side effect of a very hot summer.  Folk need to keep on top of cleaning as it’s true that bins overflowing with garbage, not wrapped carefully and placed in black bags first, will attract vermin of all sorts and specialist teams must be brought in to clear this before we get the return of plagues.  We laugh, but without really keeping on top of sweeping and vacuuming up loose crumbs, food products and packaging, rats and mice are very quick to make their entrance.  It needs professional baiting and control.   I know mice have burrowed into a little external hole and made it up to the loft.   It made me get in the council experts for eradication and advice.  And a professional cleaner to keep me in control!