Sticks & Cordless – New Kids On The Block

The summer time is a period most folk really look forward to.  for some reason we seem much more relaxed and content when those rays come out to warm our little world around us.  It also seems to raise the enthusiasm level for cleaning our domains.   Nowadays you hear the phrase far less, apart from tv adverts trying to sell us new furniture and furnishings for the spring clean up!  Getting that vacuum cleaner out for it’s own clean and check up isn’t a bad idea – if the brushes are worn or the hoses split, then the vac won’t clean at all.  The new stick cleaner and cordless varieties are quite expensive but they do offer much lighter weight for a cleaning session  The charge time varies – on higher power then you can only vac for about 20 mins before recharge needed.   I have a cordless, for light cleaning I can reduce the power and it can work for up to 45 minutes – which is adequate if I only clean the rooms I  use.  It can’t handle a thorough house in one go so I operte in the worst areas first, empty it and recharge, ready for a secondary bout!