The Hair Of The Dog Needs Special Cleaning

When you have a dog in the house it can be quite a challenge to get the hairs out of the carpets and soft furishings.  Whenever I’ve had my daughters two lively hounds over for even just an hour or so, it’s incredible how many hairs disperse themselves throughout the dowstairs!   I find I’m constantly sweeping them up from under the sofas, especially on the hard floors in the kitchen area.   I now get a special powder which I spray about to make the hairs attach to the carpets less easily.  The smell is much nicer after I’ve left it on for an hour or so before a thorough and systematic vacuuming.  I also empty the vac very often into my compost bin – it saves the hair from escaping out into my house again from the main bin and someone told me it helps to mesh together with the greenery to speed up compost.