When A Family Feud Called For Clean Out

The times when all the family are around in the same house at the same time is not often it has to be said.  Mybe at Christmas, the new year, and always at Easter.   There was always the regulation clear out in the school holidays – stuff that was not used in the last 12 months would have to be disposed of.   Latterly this would involve carting filled bags down the high street to the relevant charity shop.  So far so good.  These bouts of fervent activity then extended to covering party time, such as when the great grand parents reached an amazing milestone of having been married for 60 years.

This caused massive fall outs amongst the more distant members of the clan – who were unable to help sort the house.   The culmination of weeks of angst was to engage a professional cleaning agency who really got to grips with the problem.  It was so good, the agency attends weekly – Absolute heaven!