When Bedroom Carpet Takes More Than A Beating

You cannot imagine the mess that seemed to land all over the place on a recent sleepover at my place.  What? and How? are two valid questions here.   The sleeper wasn’t a grandson or nephew, although with the amount of mess , you could be thinking that.  No, this dirt depositor was in fact a teenage yellow labrador pupster.  My word, having not been exposed to family dog ownership at all throughout my life, the mess generated during a visit stunned me.

It’s impossible to stay cross for long though, that look of innocent wonder at my sudden shouty hissy fit made me melt into fits of giggles when I came home from a quick shopping trip to find he had undone his safety gate and was now happily upstairs, mooching about my bedroom with the pale cream carpet!  Thank heavens for professional cleaning companies – it was a booking to save my sanity and the fee was worth double!