Author: James May

How to Choose a Great Vacuum Cleaner

One of the main tools for cleaning carpets and other flooring in your home is to use a vacuum cleaner.  In years gone by, homeowners had to use a broom and a dustpan to collect dirt and throw it away.  Vacuum cleaners have made the job much less hard work, and are more efficient at picking up dust and dirt.

A good vacuum cleaner will be powerful enough to suck up all the grime on your floors.  If you have pets which shed pet hair all over, you’ll need to look for a cleaner which advertises as being good for pet hair.  This is important for those with hair allergies – the vacuum cleaner can help reduce symptoms.

Another feature to look out for is the number of attachments it has.  It is useful to have a crevice tool to help you get into narrow spaces, an extending hose and upholstery attachments.  These will help you keep your whole house clean and dust free.

If you have stairs in your house, it might be worth looking for a ligherweight vacuum cleaner so it is easier to get up and down the stairs with it.  Some upright cleaners are difficult to manoever on the stairs, so look for a more compact cleaner.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Brings Wonderful Results

That feeling you get when the wid is rushing through your hair, you’re out on a fabulously cobweb busting, spirit enhancing afternoon jaunt around the local country park or up in the hills.  all that fresh air is filling the lungs with the  joys of being outside and alive.  what on earth could possibly bring the spirit down after that?  Well regrettably, many a spirit has been well and truly downed when having got back home and safely in the front door, you realise you haven’t put down the dog’s towel and before you can summonse assistance, the pooch has raced through the lounge and dining room, up the stairs –  amazing how quickly he can spread his joy!

This is the time when a professional carpet cleaning agency is just the ticket.  They bring the machine to you, and have operative who really know about different carpets and the type of cleaning treatment to apply.

Serenity Comes With The Cleaning Schedule

There is a young family near here who moved in a year or so ago.  They are always on the go – one child does junior football on Saturday, Mum does Hockey on Monday, toddler joins baby gym and both parent work outside the home too.  It really is a full on schedule of activity in that house.   The parents seem to be superbly organised about everything – before they had the children, they discussed and agreed which domestic tasks could be outsourced – this was to allow quality parenting time when they were all at home.  This arrangement includes grocery shopping and household cleaning.

Two ladies come every Wednesday afternoon and completely ‘do’ the house literally from top to bottom.     Everything is cleaned, oven, cooker, washing machine and dishwasher inside and out.  It always looks and smells fab in that house, with an the air of calm serenity of a well ordered house.  Well worth the cleaning fee alone.

Getting The Autumn & Winter Clearance Sorted

Well what happened to the summer then – there we all were lazing around, having a great time away on a sunny beach or in the country, renting a lusciously romantic cottage.  The days seemed endless and the wonderful sunny weather brought much need cheerfulness all around.  Cleaning up and sorting out the house or the office in better weather just seems that bit more fun doesn’t it.  The windows trown open and curtains down for a good wash and air on the line.  Window blinds are brushed off to within an inch of their lives and generally it all feels much easier to manage in good warm weather.

When autumn takes over from summer, in radiness for winter, this is a good time to clear out cupboards that do not get much attention through the rest of the year – get in there and lug out all that junk from the back of the corner cupboard in the utility room.

Developing a Good Cleaning Schedule

When you are responsible for keeping a home clean, it is important that you get into a good routine, for both hygiene reasons and to ensure you don’t get stacked up with chores to do!  We have a good guide as to how often different rooms and things should be cleaned, as well as a basic schedule for you to try!

Daily Cleaning Tasks:

Bathroom and kitchen should be cleaned daily – disinfect counters, chopping board and sweep the floor.  Wipe over the hob and inside microwave to keep everything clean.

Laundry:  Try to do a small wash every day rather than piling it all up for the weekend

Make the beds!  This makes a room look much tidier!

Weekly Cleaning Tasks:

Hoover throughout the home.  You can split this over different days instead of doing it all in one day!

Thorough bathroom and kitchen clean – really clean everywhere in these rooms for good hygiene

Lounge clean – pick up random stuff and put away, hoover carpets and mop floors

Clean stairs

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

Check if curtains need a clean (once a year should be enough)

Defrost freezer and throw out any bad food

How to Clean Stairs Well (And Safely)

Cleaning the stairs is an important task in your cleaning routine, as the stairs tend to be a high traffic area of the house.  It is easy for dirt to get trodden in and it can make your carpet look awful.  Here are our top tips for brand spanking new looking stairs!

  1. Begin by dusting the skirting board and down the bannister to get any muck out.
  2. Wipe boards and bannister with a damp cloth and some cleaning solution (or use lemon juice) to make them really shine!
  3. Begin hoovering at the top of the stairs and work your way down.  This way, dirt moves down with you, rather than being trodden in as you go up!
  4. Use the smaller nozzles on your vacuum cleaner to get into the edges.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the vertical tread of the stairs too!
  6. Go over the same step in several directions to get the most dirt up.

Relax and admire your newly clean stairway!

Kitchen Basics as Cleaning Tools? What to Use Instead of Chemicals!

You might be worried about the impact your cleaning materials are having on the environment – and with good reason!  Everytime we use chemicals in our cleaning routine, we are washing lots of dangerous things down our plugholes and into our water system.  There are ways around using dangerous chemicals though, so try out our tips for using natural and kitchen basics in your cleaning!

Vinegar:  Great for use with newspapers to clean windows and mirrors – streak free and shiny!  Cuts through grease with ease.

Salt:  A good item to add to other cleaning products to act as an abrasive.

Lemon: Another acid a bit like vinegar, but smells nicer!  Cuts through grease and grime

Bicarbonate of Soda: A gentle abrasive, good for use with lemon juice to clean counter tops and cookers

Cornflour/Cornstarch:  good for soaking up wet spills on carpets and upholstery before stain removing!

What to Expect from a Cleaning Company

If you have decided to hire a cleaning company or maid service to keep your home clean, you may not be sure what to expect!  Here are our tips to help you know what to do when you housekeeper arrives.

Make a list of chores you want doing.  If you are paying by the hour, it is important that your cleaner knows what tasks they are to complete.  If they aren’t given a list, they cannot fill their scheduled hours effectively, and this ends up wasting everyone’s time!  It is simple as giving a quick list in priority order for them to work through.

Be there when they first arrive, but you do not have to stay.  Most cleaners are happy to get on while you are home, but it is not necessary to stay in the house all the time.  As long as someone is there to let them in and hand over a list of tasks, that should be enough.  You might want to be there when they leave so they can debrief you on what they did and if there were any issues or problems.

Any time you have any issues with your cleaner, it is best to mention it to them and if you cannot resolve with them directly, go back to the agency.  You do not want bad feeling to fester!

Top Ways to Use Lemons in Your Cleaning Tasks

Lemons are a highly useful addition to your cleaning cupboard stash!  There are a multitude of uses for this wonder fruit.  Here are some great ways to use lemons in your household cleaning.

  1. Use lemon as a worktop cleaner:  pour a little salt over your chopping boards and use half a lemon straight on top.  The salt acts a bit like sandpaper and the acid in the lemon cleans your boards nicely.
  2. Use on mirrors and glass:  mix lemon juice with a bit of water and spray onto mirrors and buff to a high shine
  3. Freshen up:  the lemon scent is refreshing and ideal for spritzing about the house – mix with water and pour into a spray bottle and spray around
  4. Naturally whitening:  use lemon juice as a natural whitening solution for white fabrics.  Try soaking whites in lemon juice prior to washing

There are lots of ways to use household items instead of chemical cleaning products.  Keep an eye out for the next wonderful idea in our blog!