Kitchen Basics as Cleaning Tools? What to Use Instead of Chemicals!

You might be worried about the impact your cleaning materials are having on the environment – and with good reason!  Everytime we use chemicals in our cleaning routine, we are washing lots of dangerous things down our plugholes and into our water system.  There are ways around using dangerous chemicals though, so try out our tips for using natural and kitchen basics in your cleaning!

Vinegar:  Great for use with newspapers to clean windows and mirrors – streak free and shiny!  Cuts through grease with ease.

Salt:  A good item to add to other cleaning products to act as an abrasive.

Lemon: Another acid a bit like vinegar, but smells nicer!  Cuts through grease and grime

Bicarbonate of Soda: A gentle abrasive, good for use with lemon juice to clean counter tops and cookers

Cornflour/Cornstarch:  good for soaking up wet spills on carpets and upholstery before stain removing!

What to Expect from a Cleaning Company

If you have decided to hire a cleaning company or maid service to keep your home clean, you may not be sure what to expect!  Here are our tips to help you know what to do when you housekeeper arrives.

Make a list of chores you want doing.  If you are paying by the hour, it is important that your cleaner knows what tasks they are to complete.  If they aren’t given a list, they cannot fill their scheduled hours effectively, and this ends up wasting everyone’s time!  It is simple as giving a quick list in priority order for them to work through.

Be there when they first arrive, but you do not have to stay.  Most cleaners are happy to get on while you are home, but it is not necessary to stay in the house all the time.  As long as someone is there to let them in and hand over a list of tasks, that should be enough.  You might want to be there when they leave so they can debrief you on what they did and if there were any issues or problems.

Any time you have any issues with your cleaner, it is best to mention it to them and if you cannot resolve with them directly, go back to the agency.  You do not want bad feeling to fester!

Top Ways to Use Lemons in Your Cleaning Tasks

Lemons are a highly useful addition to your cleaning cupboard stash!  There are a multitude of uses for this wonder fruit.  Here are some great ways to use lemons in your household cleaning.

  1. Use lemon as a worktop cleaner:  pour a little salt over your chopping boards and use half a lemon straight on top.  The salt acts a bit like sandpaper and the acid in the lemon cleans your boards nicely.
  2. Use on mirrors and glass:  mix lemon juice with a bit of water and spray onto mirrors and buff to a high shine
  3. Freshen up:  the lemon scent is refreshing and ideal for spritzing about the house – mix with water and pour into a spray bottle and spray around
  4. Naturally whitening:  use lemon juice as a natural whitening solution for white fabrics.  Try soaking whites in lemon juice prior to washing

There are lots of ways to use household items instead of chemical cleaning products.  Keep an eye out for the next wonderful idea in our blog!