Author: Donna Ellington

Mud, Fur, Excited Pooch – A Carpet Nightmare

Ho ho what a joy this warmer weather is turning out to be.  Only 3 days into a total improvement on recent weeks but of such magnitude that it’s almost worth making a song and dance of it!  A relative has got two dogs.  One is a tall but neatly slim labrador and the other is a shorter and compact border collie.  They’re literally fit as a butcher’s dog – pun intended.    They form the fast half of a quartet of flyball participants and go training every Saturday and Tuesday eve.  So great dollops of wet mud and muck come trailling into the car, hallway, lounge . . . . . . .   It is amazing though how much muck comes off the dogs just sitting on their rough blankets in the dog compartment of the huge family car.  When they get home, it’s all hands on trying to get them into the house without shedding any mess.  A professional carpet cleaning exercise ensues every month.

Grandchildren And Pets Call For The Heavy Squad

Nothing signals the need for a really good carpet cleaning session than when you’ve had your grand children over – well apart from having some dogs to stay who don’t normally inflict themselves on your calm orderly home!  There is something amazing about the speed and the spread of the mess that occurs after a long walk out in the countryside when you’ve had a winter’s day full of rain and slushy mud.  I have this double occurence occasionally – only twice a year it must be said, but by golly I need help then.  I always engage the services of a dedicated carpet cleaning agency – they really do have the right equipment and the experience to get deep down, the hairs come off the furniture too with some of their know how.   If I don’t do this, I’m forever finding a vacuum full of dog hair for the next month.

Lovable Hounds But Cleaning Nightmare

There hae been some truly amazing things happen in this house in the several years I’ve owned it.   Children causing the odd food based issue and maybe the odd toileting mishap.  Each of these were dealt with by way of swift bowl of warm cleaning solution and scrubbing brush.  The same can be said for the many calamaties occuring when my partner used to take apart car engines in the integral garage and forget to leave the messy bits on the bench when he came in for a cuppa!  The latest and interestingly, hardest to deal with, has been the mess when I’ve been pet minding for my son.  Two great hounds and hey the house is filled with hair and the most incredible amount of mud.  But I have a wonderful relationship with the best cleaning company in the world and they get the mess removed and condition my carpets, furniture and humour for a very reasonable fee!

Party Preps Need Professional Cleaning Expertise

We have a small family and we are rather spread around, no one lives close to any of the other members and so each meet up is rather special and takes quite a bit of organising.  There’s always someone away or on duty when a date is suggested.  That is why a particular gathering last Autumn was such a total success.  It began as a suggestion for an only grandaughter to celebrate their 30th birthday with a small party.  Just a handful of folk perhaps with a barbeque and buffet.  Well once the list was made up of who the lass actually wanted at the party, it snowballed to include those who really should be there etc.  In the end it was a fabulous reunion for 3 or 4 branches of the family .  Exactly the kind of ‘do’ that needs the premises spotlessly clean and presentable. With the professional help available it was easy peasy, lemon squeasy, as they say.

Professional Cleaning Expert N When Winter Slush Arrives

All throughout the spring and summer months we rarely think about snow, ice, slushy dirty stuff that’s left around after the first hard snow of the winter months.  Once the initial excitement has disappeared, the snowmen lean lopsidedly in the middle of a green and white patchy lawn, the slush ends up on boots, in boots, on cats, dogs, small children, and eventually in the house.  It’s incredible just how far this mucky stuff managed to spread.  The use of industrial granulated salt is critical to get driving or walking without slipping on the ice, but as that melts away, it all ends up really filthy and black.  Trying to get that out of a cream or honey coloured hall carpet i s no joke.  I have found the best method is to engage a dedicated carpet and home cleaning agency – it has revolutionised my entire being, such efficiency for so little outlay!

Total House Cleaning After Toddler Visit

Oh the joys of having small children around.  It can be alarming just how quickly a nine month old baby can eject herself around the room – from just sitting noisily in a bouncy chair where the tray could be wiped down constantly, the sofa and all she can survey have suddenly become one grubby and germ filled playground!

At this point we realised much more cleaning needed to be done – the baby had already found sticky bits of paper down the sides of the sofa – thanks to grandpa and his toffee habit.  then there was the incident with the hot cup of tea on the edge of the coffee table.  No harm done to either apart from the pool of hot wet liquid rapidly sinking through the carpet.  Once baby and all her stuff had gone, I booked a professional total house clean so I could keep it pretty clean in between visits.

Organising Doggy Visiting Keeps Cleaning At Bay

I have my daughter’s pups over quite regularly, they are a bit of a mischief it has to be said, but their unconditional love and affection back to me make up for any little indiscretions that occur.  I have only ever had a cat in the past, not a lot of cleaning needed with old Tom.  The odd ginger hair to be swept up here and there, but not the massive vacuuming job that I do when my two furry grandchildren have gone back home.

The way to keep the house in some sort of order is to confine the pupsters to just two rooms and not let them upstairs at all.  I find this system helps me no end, I just keep them where there’s a hard floor, easily mopped, and their sleeping quarters are near the vacuum cleaner cupboard.   Not letting them up on the bedrooms make great sense – Sorted!

Hire Out Venues Need Professional Cleaning

I was lucky enough to attend a family party held in the club house of a very nice, family friendly sailing club.  It was a real treat to be able to spread ourselves about, outside on the decking, picnic tables and chairs along the verandah overlooking the huge lake made it an absolutely fabulous venue.

The drawback is the kitchen – it had facilities to cater for up to 150 people with all the crockery, cooking implements and everything stacked in massive great stainless steel cabinets, just as you would find in a hotel setting.  The cleaning up is left to the hirer or committee members.  There are not the same rules and regulations in place, just guidance notes on hygiene matters and all that.  This is where a professional cleaning company does such a fabulous job – they steam clean from top to bottom, a thoroughly efficient job giving absolute peace of mind.

Family Party Leaves Chaos In Its Wake

The need to clear up after a family has descended on your house is always a bit of a shock after the last of the gang has waved their thanks on their way home.  You go back into the once calm and tidy sitting room and notice for the first time, all the crisps and sausage roll remains ground into the carpet.  The odd glass of red that has gone over the carpet near the window.  Then the unmistakable signs of food spread uncaringly around the stairwell and as you go back upstairs to the recently vacated guest rooms, there is all the stripping of bedding and laundry to attend to.

Well fear not.  The best way to deal with this is to see to the guest bedding and laundry yourself but to get a professional cleaning company in to sort out the rest.  Their expertise brings rapid results and calm is restored!

Expert Post Party Clean Up Is Absolutely Priceless

Party season can be quite busy in a household with several generations in it.  I know one family where the youngest is 5 and the eldest is 95 years old – and they all share one massive great house.  The intermediate generations are gregarious and seriously outgoing folk.  A touch of celebrity about them comes from one grand-daughter who married a guitarist in a minor rock band – which helps maintain the family tradition of being party people.

I have been tere when they’ve celebrated big anniversaries, small baby ones, massive summer holiday picnic parties etc. etc.  They have carpets throughout the lower floors too.  They also have a fantastic household help and separate cleaning lady who between them keep the wheels firmly on the wagon. The 6 monthly special ‘bottoming out’ is done by an external agency of long standing.  They have expertise in cleaning carpets and funishings to a fabulously high degree. And keeping this family partying is priceless!

Wooh – Man-Handling Carpet Cleaning Machines

Needing to get the home, and particularly well trodden fitted carpets spruced up for a possible house move exercise  is quite a mind numbing proposition.  When you think of the average sized family house, there is a heck of a lot of carpet to be dealt with.  It is possible of course to hire one of the industrial sized machined and do the job yourself.  I say it’s possible, but in reality, the amount of effort that is needed for this to be achieved anywhere near satisfactorily is qustionnable.  There is the fetching the machine – lugging it to and getting it in the car.  And out at your home.  Then each area to be cleaned really needs expert vacuuming and sponging down first.  The machines are hard work – very heavy and not easy to move.

Using a professional carpet cleaning agent is so much better – they do a fantastic job with carpets, soft furnishings and sometimes, curtains, coming up so beautifully – almost like new!

Experts In Damage Limitation & Super Clean Carpets

Far more dreadful things happen to my household carpets than I should really own up to.  There are the instances where the children managed to sneak next door’s rabbit hutch in through the french doors to the dining room; that little episode ended rather badly – with more currants of rabbit pooh than any of us thought possible.  The situation was not helped when the cat decided he didn’t like the look of the rabbit.  Fur of all sorts and squeals galore were the order of the day.

Since that I have come home to find the older children holding an impromptu and definitely not permitted indoor picnic party to celebrate someone or other’s birthday – the first tin of cola over the floor was mopped up quite effectively, subsequent ones not, nor was the food scraped off too well.   The answer here was a weekend visit by the best professional carpet cleaners known to mankind – heaven sent magic!

When Bedroom Carpet Takes More Than A Beating

You cannot imagine the mess that seemed to land all over the place on a recent sleepover at my place.  What? and How? are two valid questions here.   The sleeper wasn’t a grandson or nephew, although with the amount of mess , you could be thinking that.  No, this dirt depositor was in fact a teenage yellow labrador pupster.  My word, having not been exposed to family dog ownership at all throughout my life, the mess generated during a visit stunned me.

It’s impossible to stay cross for long though, that look of innocent wonder at my sudden shouty hissy fit made me melt into fits of giggles when I came home from a quick shopping trip to find he had undone his safety gate and was now happily upstairs, mooching about my bedroom with the pale cream carpet!  Thank heavens for professional cleaning companies – it was a booking to save my sanity and the fee was worth double!

When A Family Feud Called For Clean Out

The times when all the family are around in the same house at the same time is not often it has to be said.  Mybe at Christmas, the new year, and always at Easter.   There was always the regulation clear out in the school holidays – stuff that was not used in the last 12 months would have to be disposed of.   Latterly this would involve carting filled bags down the high street to the relevant charity shop.  So far so good.  These bouts of fervent activity then extended to covering party time, such as when the great grand parents reached an amazing milestone of having been married for 60 years.

This caused massive fall outs amongst the more distant members of the clan – who were unable to help sort the house.   The culmination of weeks of angst was to engage a professional cleaning agency who really got to grips with the problem.  It was so good, the agency attends weekly – Absolute heaven!