Cleaning The Old Before Replacing With The New

I’ve been watching some activity over at the big house near me.  New people seem to be involved.  A skip appeared frst – just saw the lorry carting it down their lane and a while later said lorry emerged minus the skip.  At least it’s not sat on the roadside verge encouraging every other varmit to toss their junk in it.  After the skip came a couple of traders.  One was certainly an oven and cooker cleaner and the other one  a good well known carpet cleaning agent.  These last two filled me with intrigue and glee in equal measure.  Surely someone with enough dosh to buy the big house would want to strip it all out and get new.  Then of course I realised that to have new goods delivered would require the removal of the old and one can’t be seen to have disgusting, dirty goods in the house !  In fact the carpets came up so well – that’s professional cleaning for you, that the new folk are keeping them for a while longer to give themselves time to settle in and decide what they really want.  Very wise!