Cruise Lines Keeping Very Strict Scrub Up Rules

The need to keep things as fresh as possible and not to introduce anything that could bring disease or illness must surely be the top priority of anyone working in the service industry.  When you think of the sheer number of cruise ships, river boats, aircraft etc. these all have very confined spaces for the public to congregate and their loos are necessaily small, minimal but functional.   As I found out when cruising this autumn, it doesn’t take much for a whole raft of folk to become unwell on a cruise.   Usually this is caused by some very lazy and self centred passengers.  There is a strict hand washing policy on the cruis line I was with.  We were very politely but firmly asked to wash our hands thoroughly upon entering all the eating areas such as the Food Hall, Buffet and every restaurant.  Not only had they had hand basins fitted at each end of the areas, they stationed stewards to ensure we did wash and move on.  However, despite the terrible pressure on some public areas especially the buffet areas, there were pockets of resistance to this simple request.  There were occasions when we saw some very serious cleaning activity going on in staterooms and public washrooms.  These were always sparkling and the cleanest I’ve seen anywhere ever.  Still they insisted on doing more.  So the illnesses that can spread like wildfire are not borne on the cruise for want of their cleaning efforts, it’s some of their lazy selfish passengers, sadly.