How Things Have Moved On In Dustcart Operation

There has been quite a revolution in the world of home and domestic cleaning.   Gone are the days when housewives lugged around a massive vacuume cleaner that weighed the earth and had an irritatingly short lead.   I well remember the days of my grandmother doing her cleaning routine – we shared her great big house and she refused to employ help.   Housework and especially cleaning, was her domain.   We’d trail behind her and watch as first, she laid out newspaper in front of each fire place.  Out would come the old bits of old coa and ash, the debris swept out and a new fire laid in very strict order.  The knelt on newspaper carefully wrapped up tightly to enclose every messy particle and then it was laid on top of the new fire in the grate – to be burnt to nothing.  We definitely had less rubbish to throw out then – in the days when the dustbin men came very week and we had only one galvanised bin to be tossed on their shoulder and taken to the cart, rather than us taking our wheelies out to them!