Muddy Dogs Create Cleaning Nightmares

You just can’t imagine the mess and debris that was left after we had a family bonfire party in November.  My goodness me, there were dog hairs all over the floors and furniture.  The windows were left with dribbles all over both sides of the lower floor reaching ones.   What we also noticed too was the sheer amount of additional muddy deposits left around the downstairs in corners of rooms and anywhere within shouting distance of each dog.  The muck just comes off the dogs very easily when they groom themselves. When I try to de-mud them, a rather gallant fight ensues betwen me with cleaning wipes and the dogs who don’t mind being covered with half a ton of damp sliding mud.  The mess they make in the kitchen is incredible.  One shake after a rain storm and the entire bank of white goods needs something more than a small wipe!