Organising Doggy Visiting Keeps Cleaning At Bay

I have my daughter’s pups over quite regularly, they are a bit of a mischief it has to be said, but their unconditional love and affection back to me make up for any little indiscretions that occur.  I have only ever had a cat in the past, not a lot of cleaning needed with old Tom.  The odd ginger hair to be swept up here and there, but not the massive vacuuming job that I do when my two furry grandchildren have gone back home.

The way to keep the house in some sort of order is to confine the pupsters to just two rooms and not let them upstairs at all.  I find this system helps me no end, I just keep them where there’s a hard floor, easily mopped, and their sleeping quarters are near the vacuum cleaner cupboard.   Not letting them up on the bedrooms make great sense – Sorted!