Serenity Comes With The Cleaning Schedule

There is a young family near here who moved in a year or so ago.  They are always on the go – one child does junior football on Saturday, Mum does Hockey on Monday, toddler joins baby gym and both parent work outside the home too.  It really is a full on schedule of activity in that house.   The parents seem to be superbly organised about everything – before they had the children, they discussed and agreed which domestic tasks could be outsourced – this was to allow quality parenting time when they were all at home.  This arrangement includes grocery shopping and household cleaning.

Two ladies come every Wednesday afternoon and completely ‘do’ the house literally from top to bottom.     Everything is cleaned, oven, cooker, washing machine and dishwasher inside and out.  It always looks and smells fab in that house, with an the air of calm serenity of a well ordered house.  Well worth the cleaning fee alone.