Viruses – One Man’s Annoyance Is Another Man’s Bonanza

Things have been rather difficult with visiting older people who live in residential care homes lately.  The virus pandemic has caused a whole change in the attitude to casual visiting and now appointments are necessary.  Once the selected date and time is agreed, the visit has to be outside with the resident some 3 or 4 metres away from the visitors.   No visitors are allowed inside the home to see heir loved one in their usual room, no using the toilet facilities or partake of any refreshments apart from what they bring with them.  All good clean fun!  Literally . . . .  as it means the care home doesn’t have to employ extra cleaning staff.  At home we have all taken to cleaning around us much more seriously – tilets and bathrooms scrubbed down and the hand washing regime should be branded on everyones’ brains much more than ever before, which is good but it should have been second nature before the virus!  Cleaning companies have never had such a bonanza – that is also very good!