Wooh – Man-Handling Carpet Cleaning Machines

Needing to get the home, and particularly well trodden fitted carpets spruced up for a possible house move exercise  is quite a mind numbing proposition.  When you think of the average sized family house, there is a heck of a lot of carpet to be dealt with.  It is possible of course to hire one of the industrial sized machined and do the job yourself.  I say it’s possible, but in reality, the amount of effort that is needed for this to be achieved anywhere near satisfactorily is qustionnable.  There is the fetching the machine – lugging it to and getting it in the car.  And out at your home.  Then each area to be cleaned really needs expert vacuuming and sponging down first.  The machines are hard work – very heavy and not easy to move.

Using a professional carpet cleaning agent is so much better – they do a fantastic job with carpets, soft furnishings and sometimes, curtains, coming up so beautifully – almost like new!